The morning of the wedding photography in Essex

This time myself and Sergio had to do a wedding photography in Essex. We had visited quite a few wedding venues in Essex and each of them is beautiful in their own way. The morning of the wedding started quiet and sunny. It was a great start to a wedding photography in Essex. Sergio, as usual, drops me off at the bride’s preparation place, which this time was in a lovely Sunnyway Cottages. A very quiet and peaceful place, exactly what lovely Rea and her girls needed before the big day. Sergio went to the groom’s preparation place, that was their house. We both had a great time documenting each of them with their dear friends and family.

I absolutely loved all the little details that Rea thoughtfully prepared in advance; presents for her girls, present for all guys, even the whiskey and glasses for the guys! She also received a box with some presents from her groom which was very touching (and funny!).  After Rea and girls had their makeup and hair done at the Cottages we all headed to High House Farm, their chosen venue.

High House Farm wedding venue

High House Farm wedding is a fairly new venue, just over one year old, but it is the absolutely stunning venue that offers beautiful photographic backdrop. As I have mentioned already it was nice, sunny morning but as soon as we’ve arrived at the venue weather changed dramatically. At one moment it was so bad that it affected Rea’s mood. It was raining very, very heavily, but our bride Rea embraced and enjoyed the day fully. Rea had two wedding dresses, both have been custom made by Vanessa I’Anson. While the girls were helping Rea to put her wedding dress on Tom and guest were arriving at the venue and despite the torrential rain, the wedding guests were enjoying the day.

After the wedding ceremony, the rain stopped so we were able to do some family group photographs and some bride and groom portraits. During the wedding breakfast, the weather massively improved and the sun peaked out. It was really glorious light. As the weather got better the bouncy castle was used by bride, groom and their friends. It was really funny. The rest of the evening was spent rocking the dance floor. Thank you guys for letting us document your wedding day.

Anyway, guys, we had a blast with you and your family – thank you for making us feel so welcome. Here is a little preview of my favourite images to keep you going…enjoy! If you are getting married in Essex get in touch, we’d love to work with you.

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