Southbank engagement photography

It was a great engagement session with lovely Hannah and Andy at the Southbank. We met last summer and chatted about plans for their wedding next April, so I mentioned that for their engagement session would be good to plan a fun day out somewhere in London. If you have visited my previous blog posts you probably gathered that I have photographed a few engagement session at the Southbank in London. London Southbank is one of my all-time favourite spots for the engagement session, so when Hannah and Andy mention they wanted to have Southbank engagement session I was thrilled. With such a diversity and choice of stunning backdrops for a Southbank engagement photography in London, you can never be uninspired nor bored.

A great day out in London’s Southbank for Hannah and Andy

Hannah and Andy are great fun as a couple and full of love and respect towards each other so the session was truly enjoyable and full of fun. They were awesome! They were totally trustworthy of whatever I asked of them and most of all I loved to see the great connection they have between them. They are so easy going and totally in love! It was such a fun morning filled with happiness. I cannot wait for their wedding day. I absolutely loved spending time with them around St Katherine’s Dock. It is a vibrant and dynamic London quarter with a collection of high-quality offices, restaurants and bars.

London Weather

Typical of London the weather was overcast with a little drizzle for the afternoon, so we chose to meet in the morning. It was lovely and sunny on my way to Southbank, but as soon as I walked out of the underground sun was gone and it was drizzling. It was a typical weekend weather in London; dull, grey and dark with drizzly rain. But, hey, should the weather stop and make you miserable and unhappy when you have your engagement session? No, it shouldn’t. So, regardless of the weather we all enjoyed time we spent together.

If you are looking to have an engagement session in London contact me, I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy the photos.