My sister’s wedding

Ok, where do I begin?! I usually don’t post any personal stuff on my blog, but I could not resist sharing my sisters wedding, actually it was a church blessing. It happened abroad, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Novi Grad, a lovely little town situated on delta of river Una & Sana where we managed to grab a few lovely images while the sun was setting. If love rafting then you should definately enjoy river Una. Great rafting experience that you must try!
It happened last August. It was a gorgeous summers day, which in all odds was not too hot, it was just perfect! So as they already had a civil wedding in the UK, they wanted to have a church blessing back at home and celebrate it with the family and friends. I could not resist not taking some images through the day!

Wedding afternoon

The morning, as usual, starts with makeup and hair. There was a lovely excitement in the air. It is custom that Groom with all his guests and family comes to the bride’s house to take her to church. Church ceremonies are usually quiet, peaceful and intimate, so it was this one. At the restaurant were lovely grounds and a garden where we all could enjoy each others company, food and drinks. It was great for some family photos and for the little children to run around.

Sunset session by the river Una

I managed to go with Dariya and Gogo to the river banks for some romantic pictures of them while the sun was setting. It was very hectic and quick, but romantic at the same time as we had 15 min altogether: to drive to the spot, take photographs and come back in time for dinner.
Here are some images from the day. There are not many evening pictures as I was partying very hard. Well, it was my sister’s wedding and I had a full right to do so!

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