A little over three weeks ago I met with Patsy & Junior in North London for their engagement session. They decided to have the engagement session in the Hampstead Heat, a place where Patsy comes often as her work is next to the park. Every free time while at work in North London, Patsy spends in the park.

 North London engagement session

We had a very lovely morning exploring the beautiful scenery in the Hampstead Heath. Metting bride and groom to be before the wedding day is a great advantage to all of us. The couple get to know me better as their wedding photographer and I get to know them better as a couple; I get to see their connection, their love towards each other and you will get more relaxed in front of the camera.

As usual Hampstead Heath can surprise you with so many different factors on the day of the shoot, like the light, time of the year, how busy the park is at the moment, if it is raining or the sun is really bright, etc. As I have mentioned already we had a really beautiful morning, glorious sunshine plus a brilliant couple and I knew the result was going to be great. It always feels great to wander around the park with my couples.

Late Blogging

As I am already behind with blogging I have to mention that we’ve already photographed their wedding day which was great fun and had lots of dancing involved. I will blog their wedding day very soon, but for now please enjoy these engagement photographs taken in North London, Hampstead Heat.

If you are considering to have an engagement session anywhere in London, especially in the Hampstead Heat, you like my work,  please do not hesitate to get in touch here, I would love to share your story too.

the view from the top of Hampstead Heath a couple on the bench couple sitting on the bench in the park groom to be portrait photo a couple walking in the park portrait of the girl in the red dress a girl in a red dress and gold engagment Hampstead Heath North London engagement a couple holding hands and walking in the Hampstead heath a girl in red dress leading her man