Sergio and I were looking forward to photographing Rhiannon and Neil’s wedding day in Docklands, London. For a very first time, we met at the Gun, a pub in Docklands with a gorgeous view onto the O2 Arena. They sounded so happy while discussing their wedding day and picturing their guests having fun in the garden of the pub that I felt excited and could not wait to do a wedding photography for their wedding day in London.


Morning of the wedding

We both started the morning as we normally would; myself with the bride and her bridesmaids and Sergio with the groom and his groomsmen.

I have to mention that both; Rhiannon and Neil are very sporty people who run daily; run marathons, do triathlons, etc, so it was nothing less expected of them then to go for an early run with their club mates. I was not there to photograph that but by their talks that was very special to them.

Morning of the wedding was really glorious, so we expected a sunny day. But, being in London it does not turn out to be that way, does it?! For the duration of the ceremony and first half of the speeches, it was sunny, but the second half started to rain like hell! But like most weddings, the rain does not ruin the excitement, happiness and laughter of the wedding guests. Usually, I try not to listen to speeches fully as I get very emotional and shed a tier if it is emotional. This time my cheekbones hurt with laughter. You could not tell who was funnier; Rhiannon’s dad, Neil or the best man. The speeches were epic! So as I’ve mentioned, the rain did not ruin the laughter.

Wedding photography in Docklands

The afternoon was very entertaining, there was a magician who did some amazing tricks. The first dance was so cool, the groom was very funny. Before we left we did a quick romantic session with the two of them in front of the Gun. Oh, yes, it was a great day to be a part of, so thank you, Rhiannon and Neil, for choosing myself and Sergio to be a part of your wedding day. Also, we have just delivered their album a few weeks ago and they were delighted with their main album and little parents albums. Here is just a small collection of their wedding day, enjoy. If you are getting married in London get in touch.


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